Courses are designed to mimic the classroom experience. Each course is designed with a series of videos in a particular order that build off of one another. Work at your own pace and pick up exactly where you left off. Receive a certificate of completion when you complete a course.

Features of Courses

-Ad Free Videos in Custom Player
-Project Files to Practice Techniques
-Player Tracks your Progress Automatically
-Notes become "Digital Bookmarks" in Video Player
-View Content Offline using Free Teachable iPhone/ iPad app
-Receive Certificate of Completion

Unlimited Access includes all current and future courses

Want to get started? Make sure you have the correct
Computers and Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the difference between the unlimited access and single course purchase?

A: The unlimited access ($19.99/mo) will give you access to all the courses. You will continue to have access to the course as long as your monthly membership is active. If you purchase the course for a one time fee ($139), you have lifetime access to that particular course without any monthly commitment.

Q: Does the unlimited access offer the same features as single course purchase?

A: Yes! The unlimited access has exactly the same features as the single course purchase. You will have ad free videos in a custom player. You will be able to download project files. You can create digital bookmarks directly in the video player. You will have offline access when using the teachable app. You will receive certificate of completion.

Q: What happens if a new course is added after I enroll in unlimited access? 

A: You will have instant access to any new classes added.

Q: What does it mean Notes become "Digital Bookmarks"?

A: Digital Bookmarks mean that whenever you take a note it will remember where you were in the video. For example, if the video shows how to add color to an object you could write "How to add color", then, when you click on "How to add color," it will jump to that part of the video. You can take an unlimited amount of notes. Digital Bookmarks will only work only when viewing the videos on the desktop. To take notes, open a video and in the lower right hand corner, click on the "notes" icon. Your notes are private to you and only you can access them.

Q: Can I download the courses to my computer? 

A: No, the courses are viewed in a custom player and the video content cannot be downloaded to a computer. However, the course project files can be downloaded to your computer so you can follow along.

Q: What if I want to view courses without internet access?

A: You can download the Free Teachable app for iPhone or iPad. This app will allow you to log into your account and download content to the app so you can view it at a later date without internet access. For more info about the app click here.

Q: How long am I committed to the monthly access?

A: There is no commitment, stop at anytime, rejoin at anytime.

For questions please email: [email protected]