Introduction to Maya

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Course Overview

Autodesk Maya for Beginners Complete Course
[16hr 30min] Project Files Included

This a step-by-step tutorial showing how to use Maya. Modeling, Texturing, Rendering, Lighting, Materials, Rigging, Animation, and Dynamics will all be covered. You will start off creating a snowman scene that will give you an overview of the different things Maya can do. From there you will dive deep into each aspect. Project files are included so you can easily follow along. 

All files need Maya 2020 or newer to open
Adobe Photoshop recommended for some texturing files
Adobe After Effects recommended for some rendering lessons

Video Tutorials
There are 126 Video Tutorials averaging about 10 minutes per video. These can be viewed in order or feel free to jump into any lesson to just learn a specific technique.

Benefits of Courses

-Commercial Free Videos in Custom Player
-Digital Files are Included
-Player Tracks your Progress Automatically
-Create "Tagged" Notes Directly on Video
-Receive Certificate of Completion

Course Curriculum

  Maya Fundamentals
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  Modeling - Hard Surface
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Modeling - Organic
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
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Available in days
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Available in days
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A great course by an Industry Veteran. David`s pace is perfect for everybody to understand and follow along. This course covers all the aspects of Autodesk Maya.

So much information, clean, smart files to practice with..and the teaching doesn't dumb it down or make it too scary.
-Cathe B.

Hit a wall following another tutorial and was losing faith in learning Maya. I tried this one and understood every video. I love how they're set to be 10 mins long so you can easily go back and watch again a certain section. The instructor is also very pleasant and doesn't just rush through everything.
-Nial G.

I've taken a few courses from David Bittorf & as with the others, he does a great job in making me understand how these tools & methods can be used in my own projects & not just the stuff we do in this course. An excellent & highly recommended course.
-Carter M.

I love how detailed it is.. and there was a project-based lesson with a logo smoking out.. it's different from the other maya courses imo