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Marvelous Designer
[2hr 49min] Project Files Included

Learn how to create clothing in Marvelous Designer! Edit default avatars, import your own or import from DAZ3D Studio. This course will walk you step by step how to create underwear garments and jeans. Tracing patterns, sewing, creating pockets, implementing zippers and buttons, adding custom graphics and textures, tying knots, and using the modular configurator will all be covered! As a bonus you’ll get an exclusive offer that will allow you to download 10 FREE realistic materials from!

All files need Marvelous Designer to open

Video Tutorials:
There are 19 Video Tutorial each averaging under 10 minutes. These can be viewed in order or feel to jump into any lesson to just learn a specific technique.  

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-Anndrew G G.

It was great starting course. I learned a lot, it was easy to follow and everything was explained really well. Overall, great course!
-Anonymized U.

Well above my expectations in new waters to have this course. I feel like I have learned a language of fashion design that's a bit newer than the traditional 'how to sew' books. I can't wait to come back to this over time and renew my review on it to match my complete opinion of the course. But for now: It's worth the money, invest this course into your repertoire
-Andrew Edward A.

I learned so much from this course. It's an excellent foundation introducing the key concepts and potential of Marvelous Designer. Definitely recommend it!
-Wendy L.

Really easy to follow along and he is clear with his examples.
-Brian D.

Thank you for being so clear and easy to understand.
-Holly V.

-Edison D.