Intro to Substance Designer

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Course Overview

Intro to Substance Designer
[1hr 28min] Project Files Included

Learn how to create bricks from scratch in this beginner Substance Designer Tutorial! This course is designed for anyone new to Substance Designer. I'll walk you through step-by-step on how to create a material and show you how to export it to Substance Painter. This 1.5 hour tutorial will get you up and running quickly. 

All files need Substance Designer 2020 or newer to open

Video Tutorials:
There are 13 Video Tutorial each averaging under 10 minutes. These can be viewed in order or feel to jump into any lesson to just learn a specific technique.  

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EXCELLENT COURSE! - It takes you from knowing nothing to actually using the new material on Substance Painter. The whole process is explained EXTREMLY well.

This course was very helpful in terms of the concepts of where and when to use certain nodes and reuse of existing nodes. Many tutorials out there show you how to make materials and all of the nodes being used, and they do not explain the reason for their placement in the whole scheme of the graph. I now have a better understanding of what to look for in material creation in SD.
-Sandra M.

Goes through and explains all the basics, a very good starting point. One of the few times I've started a new program and felt I could just experiment comfortably after the course
Jamie I.

Excellent, quick and to the point.
-Ran X.