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Course Overview

Meta Human
[2hr] Project Files Included

MetaHuman is a revolutionary new way to create characters inside of Unreal. 

MetaHuman for GAMES
Learn how to use Meta Human inside of Unreal. Learn how to import Meta Humans into Unreal and replace the default character so you have full control over your character. You will learn how to import multiple characters and as a bonus you will learn how to import an entire level from the Epic Games Marketplace. The techniques that I cover are all absolutely free so you will be able to follow along.  

MetaHuman for FILM
Learn how to apply motion capture data from the Epic Game's Marketplace to your Meta Human inside of Unreal. You will also learn how to use your iPhone to do real time facial capture! At the end I show how to put the body motion and facial motion together so it can be rendered out to a video file. This video is designed to be a straight forward "how to" video. There is no fluff and everything is straight to the point. The videos are broken down so you can jump in wherever you need help.  

No files needed. Everything is cloud based and can be download online for free. There are videos that explain how to do that.

Video Tutorials
There are 13 Video Tutorials averaging about 10 minutes per video. These can be viewed in order or feel free to jump into any lesson to just learn a specific technique.

Benefits of Courses

-Commercial Free Videos in Custom Player
-Digital Files are Included
-Player Tracks your Progress Automatically
-Create "Tagged" Notes Directly on Video
-Receive Certificate of Completion


Great course for beginners. Enjoyed the course.
-Sai Pratyaksh E.

So far so good! He guides you through the steps and makes thing very easy to follow along with.
-Clinton H.

Great course for an introduction to UE4 Metahumans. This course really helped me do a deep dive into Metahumans. Hope to see more in the future.
-John A.

A great course, easy to follow, everything is explained in detail.

Very detailed!
-Michael D.